1. Friday Evening Devotion – Christian McShaffrey offers a devotional and sets forth some elementary principles of Christian apologetics from 1 Peter 3:15-16

2. Reasoning with the Wise and the Scribe – Jeff Riddle offers a lecture on applied apologetics by focusing on Bart Ehrman’s contribution to the field of modern textual criticism.

3. Saturday Morning Devotion – Brett Mahlen offers a devotional from Proverbs 26:4-5 and explains whether (and if so, how) to answer fools in an apologetic engagement

4. Reasoning with the Disputer of this World – Dr. Riddle engages an academic paper written by Dr. Mark Ward: “Which Textus Receptus? A Critique of Confessional Bibliology”

5. Reasoning With Them That Believe – Dr. Riddle counters two accusations that are used to dissuade ordinary believers from receiving the text of the Reformation: (1) that Scrivener’s edition of the TR was “back-translated” from the KJV and (2) that Confessional Bibliology is an unhealthy form of textual absolutism.