March 26-27, 2021



Friday, March 26

6:30 pm, Devotions

7:00 pm, Lecture: “The Received Text:
Origins, Transmission, and Preservation”

Saturday, March 27

9:00 am, Devotions

9:30 am, Lecture: “Modern and Postmodern Challenges to the Received Text”

10:30 am, Coffee break

10:45 am, Lecture: “Seven Myths of Modern Text Criticism”

11:45 am, Lunch break

12:30 pm, Q&A session

First Annual  Conference

An earnest-but-brotherly call to return to the classical Protestant view of the Biblical text of scripture which led our fathers in the faith to receive the Textus Receptus as the authentic Word of God; especially in light of the radical changes that are coming to both the Greek NT text and our English translations.

Jeffrey T. Riddle

Jeffrey T. Riddle

Dr. Riddle will be presenting the three main lectures. He has served as Pastor of Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Louisa, VA since 2010 and is a graduate of Wake Forest University, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Union Presbyterian Seminary. Dr. Riddle writes regularly at stylos and has podcast called Word Magazine. He has been happily married to his wife Llewellyn for over 30 years and is father to five children.

Christian M. McShaffrey

Christian M. McShaffrey

Mr. McShaffrey will be leading the daily devotions. He serves as Pastor of the church which he planted in 2003: Five Solas Church (OPC). Mr. McShaffrey is a graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science and Mid-America Reformed Seminary. He is the administrator of the TR-friendly Church Directory. He and his wife Kelly live in the rolling hills just outside of Reedsburg, WI where they are raising their six children.



FIVE SOLAS CHURCH  |  850 Clark Street  |  Reedsburg, WI 53959  |  608.524.5856 

Note to travellers: The Dane County Regional Airport [MSN] is closest.


I wish I could be at the “Kept Pure in All Ages” conference to hear my good friend, Jeff Riddle, hold forth on the important subject of the purity of God’s Word. Pastor Riddle understands well that in evaluating any version of the Scripture, the text from which it is translated is a crucial factor. A principal reason for retaining the KJV is the text from which it is translated. The extant evidence justifies the conclusion that the Greek edition used by the KJV translators represents the best tradition preserved in the majority of the witnesses to the text of the New Testament.

Dr. Joel R. Beeke

President, Puritan Reformed Seminary, Grand Rapids

In this age when the Coherence Based Genealogical Method of textual criticism is fundamentally altering the most commonly used Greek texts, this academic discussion of a historic Protestant understanding of the providential preservation of scripture is most welcomed.

Dr. Barry J. York

President, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

The only correct view of the Bible is to treat it as God’s inspired revelation to mankind to which nothing must be added and from which nothing must be taken away. This view of God’s inspired Word has shaped the lives of countless men and countless churches.  It has made nations great. No wonder President Abraham Lincoln could refer to the Bible as God’s “best gift” to mankind. Let us all get back to it!
Maurice Roberts

Retired Editor, The Banner of Truth Magazine

The verbal and plenary inspiration of the Bible requires its verbal and plenary preservation. Do we have the same Bible that God gave to Moses, the Prophets and the Apostles of Jesus Christ? Do we have an infallible and inerrant Bible we can hold up and say, “Thus saith the Lord”, “It is written”, Sola Scriptura? If yes, then where is it, which is it? The logic of faith is key to knowing. I believe Dr. Jeffrey Riddle and the Rev. Christian McShaffrey are able to help us think biblically and faithfully concerning these things, to the glory of God alone.

Dr. Jeffrey Khoo

Principal, Far Eastern Bible College, Singapore










Those who attend the conference are responsible for arranging their own overnight accommodations. If you wish to keep it simple, these 2-3 star hotels are within 5 miles of the event:

Super 8 by Wyndam

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Quality Inn

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The Voyageur Inn

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If you are looking for something a little more fancy and fun, there are several 3-4 star resorts with indoor water parks only 20 minutes north. Click here for a full listing, but these are the most popular:

Kalahari Resort

(608) 254-5466

Great Wolf Lodge

(608) 253-2222

Wilderness Resort

(608) 253-9729


The conference is free, but it would help to know how many plan to attend.

We have received RSVP’s from the states of Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin!


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